Make the most of your Ultrasound!

Over the many years that Bellyssimo has been offering Elective Ultrasound Services, we have learned some really great tips to help your baby give you the best ultrasound possible! Be sure to check them all out below and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!


Should you arrive to your appointment late we may not be able to see you or your scheduled appointment may have to be shortened. Please allow extra travel time to ensure on time arrival, thank you!

~ Drink Your Water! Start increasing your water intake about 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. The better hydrated you are the better chances you have of your baby giving you clear photos. Ready for the good news... There is NO need to have a full bladder for your ultrasound so pee, pee and pee some more if you need to!


~ No Dresses! While some moms love to look fashionable during pregnancy we suggest wearing a 2 piece outfit to your ultrasound session for easy access to your growing bump. 


~ Leave Extra Driving Time! Be sure to leave enough time to arrive to your appointment on time. During the holiday seasons, Summer and rush hour traffic can get a little more hectic.


~ Wake That Baby Up! If allowed, drinking or eating something sugary about 5-10 minutes before your schedule session time can often wake your baby up and provide some action shots for your photo album, video if you bought one and it's just more fun.

Family and Friends Welcome!

Please feel free to bring along family and friends to your ultrasound at Bellyssimo! We can comfortably accommodate 14+ people and have happily entertained 25 into our spacious viewing room. 

Don't forget to include the soon-to-be BIG brother or BIG sister when you come in for your ultrasound too. Bonding with baby is important for the whole family and we always encourage sibling involvement. We even have toys to keep them occupied if baby watching becomes boring.


Keep Us Posted!

Pregnant with multiples? Have a breech baby? Over 35 weeks pregnant? Have a special request like only Aunt Suzy gets to know the gender or you need us to call the baker for a gender reveal? No problem just give us a call ahead of time to let us know.

We are now open
​​7 days a week!

Extended hours on Saturday and new hours on Sunday are now avaliable every other week!


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